Pool Cover for New Pools



Do not walk or stand on cover except in an emergency.

If you're at the beginning stage of pool planning, now is the time to incorporate a pool cover into the design. We offer an array of special applications that make it possible to include a pool cover on your new swimming pool so that the tracks and mechanism are concealed.


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Standard Underside™ Track Installation for Rectangular Pools


Most new rectangular concrete or gunite pools accommodate an automatic pool cover by using our Underside track system. The track is concealed underneath the pool's overhanging coping and the cover mechanism is housed below the surface of the deck. Provisions for this track must be made prior to construction.




Vanishing-Edge Pools


Vanishing-edge and vanishing-end pools are designed to highlight the horizon line when sitting in the pool. Also known as infinity-edge or negative-edge pools, they can utilize a Cover-Pools pool cover to dramatic effect.


Discuss incorporating a cover system into your vanishing-edge pool during the beginning planning stages.




Deck-on-deck construction for free-form pools


Deck-on-deck construction uses track channel to seamlessly integrate the Underside™ track system on freeform pools. This technique involves building a rectangular deck slightly raised above the freeform pool deck. The tracks are placed under the coping of the raised rectangular deck.



Deck-Mounted tracks


Another technique for adapting the automatic cover to the free-form pool involves the use of low-profile track that mounts to the deck surface.




Do not walk or stand on cover except in an emergency.


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